Greenwich Project

Over the coming months we will be working with an existing client on the renovation of their new home in Greenwich, London. We felt it would be an interesting project to chart as the house will be totally transformed from its current dilapidated state into a stunning family home, perfectly designed for modern living. As is so often the case we will be involved in every step, from the initial setting out of the space to completion and the process will not only showcase our products and service but of the ethos that pervades everything we do; design, innovation and craftsmanship in every detail.

London House Renovation Project

April 30, 2019

This House Renovation Project in South London will showcase the full range of work Chamber Furniture undertake

Over the coming months, we are working with an existing client on the renovation of their new home in Greenwich, London.

We thought it would be interesting to chart the process of transforming this tired, rather unloved 1930’s house into a fresh London townhouse.

We’ll be considering every aspect of the original design before we begin the job of turning it into a beautiful family home that is better suited to modern life. The commission includes the Kitchen, the bedrooms, sitting room furniture and en-suite bathrooms throughout

The finished house will showcase our drive for design, our eye for detail and innovative British craftsmanship.

Whilst we’ve made our name designing, manufacturing and installing beautiful hand-built kitchens, bedrooms and studies, our skills, talents and capabilities regularly extend to every room in the home, working with whole-house projects from start to finish.

We are well practised in making adjustments to the internal architecture, whether a new build property or a house renovation. Simple changes to rooms can have a massive impact on the overall design.

Through a combination of re-thinking the interior, extending the property and restyling the exterior we are excited to use this house as a blank canvas to showcase all that’s finest about Chamber Furniture.

We believe in reimagining the spaces with which we are presented and we regularly work alongside a team of highly skilled trades-people. From building contractors, carpenters, structural engineers and architects through to Interior Designers, flooring specialists, decorators, AV and Automation experts.

To give some context the house is situated in the leafy London Borough of Greenwich and has been sitting empty for over eight years.

The original hand-drawn plans show that the building has seen limited works or adjustments to its original design since it was first built in February 1931.

Although structurally sound and originally well-built, it requires some significant works just to bring it up to modern standards in terms of insulation, structure and waterproofing alone.

Our client is keen to create a house that whilst reflecting its past heritage, is perfect for modern family life and all that that entails.

Situated near to Blackheath the views from its sloping site are superb and stretch across the river to Canary Wharf and upstream to the city with The Shard in the distance.

Greenwich, with it’s proximity to the city, has excellent links into town and equally out of it, down the A2 into Kent where you’ll find the Chamber Furniture offices.

The house currently has three bedrooms and one bathroom. Whilst the 1500 square footage offers comfortable living spaces it does not reflect current tastes which favour en-suite bathrooms and open-plan living spaces

Therefore a complete house renovation was required; the building will be completely gutted from the ground floor to the attic in order to maximise its potential.

A large garden (for London!)

Along with an extension to the rear of the property and repositioning all internal walls we can open up the living area and bring the kitchen and dining to the heart of the downstairs space on the ground floor.

The first floor is being extended to provide 3 bedrooms with each having an en-suite bathroom. An entirely new second floor has been created which includes a master bedroom (with views of the city), an ensuite bathroom and a laundry and utility room.

The entire house will be re-wired, re-plumbed, insulated and re-plastered. The finished house will be a modern family home in a beautifully restored 1930’s shell.

Follow us as we embark on this project over the coming months with our client, as we agree on the initial drawings for planning submission and start to plan what will no doubt be an exciting journey.

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